New To Pickleball

If you are new to pickleball and want to know more about it, or play regular and would like a recap of rules and game play, then you’ve come to the right place.

Pickleball is a fast exciting game. Already a hit in the USA, with multiple high sponsored tournaments boasting large money prizes to be won for the professionals.

But it’s becoming more popular around the globe especially in the UK and Europe, where it is recognised as the fastest growing racquet sport.

Its low impact, easy to pick up rules, fun gameplay, and sociable nature, has seen more people pick up a paddle to play. The game is a hybrid of other racquet sports, combining elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. The origin of pickleball has been suggested that it was conceived by two friends at home in Washington State, USA in 1965. They were without racquets to play badminton, so they improvised with some table tennis bats and a perforated tennis ball.

The spread of the sport is said to be attributed to its popularity within community centres, public parks, YMCA facilities and retirement communities. This highlights how the game has a magic to bring people together with its sociable qualities.

What is Pickleball

Have you wondered what all the Pickleball craze is about? Watch this brief introduction to what Pickleball is and why it is growing so fast.

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How Do You Play?

Wanting to join the ranks of Pickleball addicts, but don’t know the first thing about it? Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to play Pickleball.

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Player Rating Guide

Internationally recognised ratings are 1 to 5 in 0.5 increments. It is not intended to indicate a player has mastered all the skills listed for any skill level. It is useful to know, what you should be striving to achieve. Each player’s level of success will vary widely within any skill level

Some players will be stronger in some areas and weaker in others. The point is, you can use this list as a guide to improve your game and assess your skill level for tournament entry or what you need to practice on. In assessing your ability, you need to achieve a consistency rate of 80% for each skill, appertaining to a skill level, to consider you have attained that skill level. If entering a tournament using the attached skill level indicators – NEVER over estimate your skill level.

Download The USAPA Player Skill Rating Definitions Here

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