About Us

Welcome to Blaenau Gwent Pickleball Club. We are a vibrant club located in the heart of the beautiful South Wales valleys. We have players of all levels and are always happy to introduce prospective new players to this fast, growing sport.

How We Started

The origin of the club started through Neil Vincent being introduced to pickleball at Cwmbran Celts Pickleball Club, with a Sports Development work project. He enjoyed his experience so much that on his return, he challenged his very competitive sports centre colleagues to play during a lunchtime.

From this introduction, the pickleball bug had suddenly infected Craig. Between Neil and Craig, and their contagious enthusiasm for playing the sport, it was only inevitable that they would want to share this game with others.

They started by setting up one evening session per week at Abertillery Sports Centre. This funnily comprised half of Craig’s family, and many members of Leisure Centre staff.

After one year of running the pickleball group, Neil and Craig’s enthusiasm for the game drew their interest to enter a tournament. They talked a lot about playing in a tournament, paid a lot of lip service to the actual idea, but in the end no action was taken.

Conversations then were directed to possibly playing in the Madrid Pickleball Tournament. The whole thing still seemed just a pipe dream, or something someone else would do but not them.

Until one lunch break at work. After researching super cheap flights, Craig told Neil to pack his sun tan cream and prepare for the Madrid Pickleball Tournament. To Neil’s surprise Craig had booked their flights to Madrid, and emailed him the confirmation. Neil’s face was a picture of shock rather than excitement.

But from taking action on an idea, they had one of the most amazing and inspirational experiences on their pickleball journey. This experience has helped them continue to share their passion for pickleball with others, in an ever growing South Wales pickleball community.

The Committee

  • Chair - Neil Vincent
  • Vice Chair - Craig Williams
  • Treasurer - Robert Greenland
  • Secretary - Derek Adams
  • IT Support - Kevin McCarthy
  • Club Coach - Neil Hopkins
  • Onboarding Officer - Pete Williams


From August 2021 - August 2022 we have been kindly sponsored by a successful local business Chock Shop, and are very grateful for the support they are providing to the club.

Join Us

The club is warm, friendly and welcoming, playing the game in the spirit of Fun, Fitness & Friendship. Please contact us if you need any further information or wish to start. We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

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